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Daily Vibrations

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


So, we need to gather facts about hogwarts

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


As Miya-chan so nicely introduced, we are the Vibe. I'm Mo, I'll be your editor for this flight. The exits are to your left, and in just about any direction. In the event of an emergency, the friend's page can be used as a flotation device, and all entries are severely flammable.

Enjoy your flight, here on the Daily Vibrations. In-flight entertainment in the form of entertaining articles should be arriving shortly.

Any questions can be directed to either me or Ms. Miya, and we'll be delighted to answer!
Just comment on a post, and we'd just love to tell you what you need!

fallen are the virtuous among us,

10:30PM - Entry Number 1

Hi, my name is Miya, and I started this commune. Welcome and behold our newpaper thing.

Now that that is out of the way a few rules:
1. Vibe, you must post by your deadline, to be set later.
2. If you don't follow number one, Jen will attack you.
3. I like snapdragons.
4. If you feel like doing a free peice, discussing anything, religion, art, politics, feel free. Fiction is good too.
5. No filler entrys please.
6. All entrys will be read by me, because this is mine.
8. Editor is Mo.
9. Vibe leader is Mo.
10. I like blue.

My deadline entry will be posted after everyone has joined.
Living La Vida Loca,

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